What People Are Saying

“The interspersion between individuals telling their own stories and the dramatic sequences added depth and credibility. But it also created a hybrid between a documentary and a drama. On a much smaller scale, it reminded me of Reds.” –Charles Giuliano, Berkshire Fine Arts

The National Alliance on Mental Illness shows its support of PART TIME FABULOUS:

1 in 4 Americans are affected by a serious Mental illness.  These medical conditions are treatable and recovery is possible–yet many individuals do not seek help.  Major depression can rob an individual of the simplest of pleasures as well as the ability to live a meaningful life. PART TIME FABULOUS can make a difference in the public’s perception of mental illness and what it takes to achieve the balance of mental, physical, and emotional elements, which support recovery.  Here’s a film that merits all the accolades it has received. We are pleased to be able to support its appearance here in Berkshire County” NAMI–Berkshire County

“Part Time Fabulous completely changed my understanding of depression.  A fascinating film.”  –John Dowdle, Director/Writer: Devil, Quarantine; Executive Producer: Transcendent Man

“Forget any Hollywood portrayal of mental illness you’ve ever seen. Jules Bruff sets a new standard for raw honesty and fearless integrity. It is a staggering performance.”  -Stephen Chbosky, Award Winning Writer/Director: The Perks of Being a Wallflower; Creator/Writer: Jericho; Writer: RENT, for the screen

This film is pitch perfect and an important contribution to a topic that is still so terribly misunderstood and so veiled in stigma in our culture.” –Meg Hutchinson, Award Winning American Folk Singer

Part Time Fabulous provides a raw cross-sectioned perspective of clinical depression’s systematic impact…Gripping its possessor and all whom she connects with.” –Devin Price, MA LMFT

Everyone must see this film… Jules’ performance jumps through the screen, combining raw emotion, tender humility, and groundbreaking grace.” –Liz Maccie, Writer: ABC Family- Make It Or Break It

“PTF [Part Time Fabulous] is a star vehicle for the luminous Jules Bruff, and for the last 12 years, in which I have had the pleasure of working with and for Jules, I have been waiting for a turn like this to show the world what I have always seen- talent and beauty, nothing short of genuis. PTF, however, is so much more than just a worthy piece of entertainment. It is an important piece of film that educates and gives insight and I feel is of great import. As an industry professional for the last 30 years on both sides of the camera, I must say my proximity to Jules and to this project, is the source of huge pride!” –  Emily Hope Webster, PTF Casting Director

“Part Time Fabulous captures and conveys, in a sincere and touching way, the realities of living with and working through something as obtuse and complex as Clinical Depression.  It draws the viewer into the actual process and psychodynamics of depression, cultivating a very rare understanding that I’ve never witnessed before in any film on the topic. I was left stunned by the fact that such a window was created into a private and hard to understand world… without sugar coating, it reveals how even such deep, gripping and seemingly unmovable pain cantransform one willing to face it directly and courageously into a more realized being… It is a film that transforms the viewer with a gift of understanding that they will carry and relate to for the rest of their lives.” – Michael Vladeck, President and Founder, BringingForth™, Personal Coaching and Counseling

“Part Time Fabulous is a captivating movie which combines dramatic and documentary styles into an engrossing depiction of the unsettling reality of clinical depression.”  -Alexis Selwood, PhD, Psychotherapist

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